A Little Frosty

We've been having some cold temperatures. It's been any where's from -9° to +12°f. Some of you might freak out over those numbers, but here it's something you get use to. The last couple of years our winters were really wimpy. Mother nature is making up for it this year. We've got a respectable amount of snow, but still below average.
 We've been getting a large amount of fog the last few days, especially in Anchorage. It's caused some really cool hoar frost. I know the moose like it. The tree branches are like popsicles.
 But it's been beautiful. Everything is incrusted in about an inch or so of frost.
 We've had some colorful sunrises and sunsets.
 The trails have been a little empty though. Well, some people might have been at work like they were supposed to be.
 No time to take a break though. Doesn't matter how inviting this bench is.
The fog is on its way out and so probably is the frost. I wish I had took the time to have got more photographs. Well, winter is far from over.


robin andrea said…
I had forgotten the word "hoarfrost." Thank you much for reminding me. Love these photos. Winter has its own quite stark beauty.