There are few things more exciting to me than accidental sightings of wildlife. Moose are very common here year round, but they still amaze me whenever I see them. I recently visited Fairbanks a couple of weekends ago. While at the breakfast table of the friends I was staying with, one of them announces "moose". The announcement was twofold. One was to announce it's presence to keep the dogs inside and the second was for us to observe it in wonder.
Always love a good moose photo opportunity.
Anne and Don had two of the largest and most gorgeous Irish Setters I've every seen. Sorry, I don't recall the dogs names. They were well mannered and loved their beds to lay on.
The weather presently is in transformation from winter to spring. We are having some nice weather. but could use some rain to wash away the winter dust and also to help prevent forest fires. The snow and ice is melting off at an accelerated pace and the animals and birds are coming alive. Unfortunately the natural colors are not too bright just yet. 

So, my pups and I hiked the Palmer Hay Flats looking for something to photograph. Once grazing pasture for cattle, sheep, and horses, the land (lowered after the 1964 earthquake) now offers “wild pasture” for moose, waterfowl, and bears. None of what did we get to see today. But all in all, it was a good hike.

It will get warmer and the colors of spring and summer will come alive real soon. We're looking forward to it even though we might be a little understandably antsy.


Lady Fi said…
Wonderful shots!
NCSue said…
Great photos.
Thanks for joining us at
robin andrea said…
Love seeing photos of moose! A beautiful creature I know I will never see in my neck of the woods. Spring is taking its own sweet time getting here too.
We see moose here from time to time at high elevation and I believe their numbers are growing in Colorado. They are so large! I don't think I'd ever get used to seeing them either. Spring in Colorado means warm weather one day, snow the next--I'm sure it is the same there. :)
HollyC said…
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
How I want to come to Alaska! I hope I have enough time before going back home next year! Beautiful shots indeed
Don't have Moose around here but plenty of Eagles (maybe not as many as Alaska) down this way but they are always a wonder to spot and photograph. Nice shots.
I'd love to see a live moose in the wild.
I'm a nature lover too. What a miracle to see a moose while staying at a friend's house. We have seen Moose in Wisconsin and New Hampshire in the wild.
Thank you everyone. Alaska is a beautiful state and you should experience it. The wildlife, people and the scenery is unbeatable.