I've been keeping my camera with me when I run errands or just going for a ride. Spring is breaking out and things are coming alive.
 I've photographed this guy many times and it never gets tiring. I volunteer at Bird TLC and this wild bird keeps an eye on me hoping for a handout. He comes around so often, we nick named him Visitor.
Swans galore. I thought this pair (one below included) were nesting, but I went past there again today and they were gone.
 Trumpeters are so big. I love their call.
This guy was practicing power takeoffs at Goose Bay Airport. There's just a gravel strip there.

See you Around Alaska!


carol l mckenna said…
Awesome photos of the 'visitor' ~ you are in good company ~

Enjoy the week ~ ^_^
robin andrea said…
I'm so glad you're seeing eagles there. We never see them here in Northern California. They are always so awesome! Great photos!
NC Sue said…
Lovely bird shots... even the metal one in the last frame.


Thanks for joining the party at
That wild bird looks fantastic!