Is it really spring?

The temperatures have been in the high 30's during the day, but in the low 20's at night. So there's been some melt off, but it's slow. We call this time of year breakup. It's from when the ice on the rivers or lakes melts and breaks up. You have to be careful when your out walking around. There's a lot of icy areas that are real slick. Those snow snakes will get you!
 Believe it or not, but with the temperatures in the upper 30's and with the sun out, it's hot. Well at least to us Alaskans. I thought it was time to do some spring cleaning and rearranging. During the afternoon I turn the heat off, open the patio doors and a couple windows. I also turn the ceiling fan on. Without all that, the temperature has got up to 76° in the living room.
 The beagles didn't seem to mind the disruption for a bit. Macy did follow me every where's I went though. I brought my reading chair down from the loft. I thought I needed a place for me to sit since the beagles pretty much took over the couch.
 They seem to like the one bed by the window. They get the sun that comes in and can keep an eye on the neighborhood when they're awake.
 Macy did do some rearranging to fit her needs. She's a crazy gal!
But then she decided that my reading chair was now her napping chair. We'll she is a gal, so I guess it's her prerogative. 


Lady Fi said…
76 in the living room sounds lovely! It's around minus 11 C here in the mornings and might just get up to zero in the sunshine... Still very much like winter.

Lovely shots and what a lovely house and dogs you have.
Jane said…
Nice shots, its still cold here in Scotland too and apparently the UK is going to be hit again with another wave from "The Beast from The East". I suspect that your wintertime is long there, hope you get a springtime though soon. Thanks for sharing :)
You’d never survive the heat down here along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Hot? In the 30’s?!
Beth F said…
Macy knows the best seat in the house! It's up to the 40s here and the snow is almost gone ... spring is on the way.
NC Sue said…
I sure HOPE it's really spring! It's supposed to b3e 72 here today - YAHOO!
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Amanda McCusker said…
Your place looks great! I always feel better after a little spring cleaning. I'm doing the same thing myself these days. A good reading chair is such a wonderful thing. I tend to read anywhere, but a comfy chair is the best. Your pups are so adorable! Have a great week!
Kay L. Davies said…
Wow, springtime in Alaska. Of course I had to look up the old Johnny Horton song, because I'm old myself!
Out here in southeastern Alberta, we are pretty sure there will be more snow before Spring has finally sprung, but I will be very happy to be wrong about that.
And I love the beagles! However, your spring cleaning puts me to shame. Our little terrier-mix doesn't like the vacuum cleaner, so we haven't begun a full-out spring clean yet. (She hates to be left outdoors alone.)
Congratulations on your wonderful weather and your admirable ambition!
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betty-NZ said…
I think the weather is messed up all over but it certainly makes for interesting photos and posts. Your photos look quite cozy and warm.
Lady Fi - Thank you! 76°f is to hot for me in the house.

Jane - Yep winter is still going on but she's slowly melting off. Stay warm!

Deb Nance - You're right. I did use to live in Florida and Oklahoma at one time where it was warmer. I prefer her in Alaska for sure.

Beth - Your weather sound similar to ours right now. Macy is the smart one. :)

NC Sue - If it gets 73° here, people start complaining it's too hot!

Amanda - Thanks! There's always a build up of stuff over the winter and the place just needs a good cleaning. I need a good quiet place to read.

Kay - I have 2 beagles that are scared of the vacuum, one that wants to attack it and one that could care less. All four love being outside. Love our Canadian neighbors!

Betty - Thank you! I do think the weather is hard to predict now a day.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

robin andrea said…
Spring keeps coming and going here. A few days of sunshine with temps in the 60s and then a lot of rain and temps in the cool gray 40s. Brrrr. It's cute to see Macy get her way!
Robin - I went to Fairbanks for the weekend and we got 6 inches of snow on Sunday. But when I got home, it was in the 40's, sunny and there was quite the melt off going on.