This is the last photo I took of Aria just a few days before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was very active up to a couple days before she passed. She was a fun gal who I didn't have enough time with. But, I think you never have enough time with your pets.
My home is now called the Beagle Ranch. My pups have the life of Riley. They come and go in and out of the house as they please day and night. The 1 acre yard is all fenced in. They're  beds every where's. They're fed well and we go for walks almost every day.
 She's back home now. Her ashes are on a shelf in the living room next to Joy's. They can watch over us.
Aria and Joy are not forgotten. We think of them often but life must go on. Things are back to what we consider normal here at the Beagle Ranch. Even though the temperatures this year have been stay below 0° most days, the other 5 keep a good watch on things.


robin andrea said…
There really are some things that you don't get over. My step-daughter just had her dog Clementine put to sleep the other day. She had had her for 11 years. The grandkids had her all their lives. On the day before she went to the vet for her final journey, they took her to the beach. She wasn't well and had very little energy, but oh how she loved those waves. We love our furry companions. They are in our hearts and stay there always.