Been bizzy

I've been real busy with work lately. But I did see this young moose in Boot Leggers Cove.

A couple things are going around town right now. There are still Fur Rondy events going on during the week and into the weekend. Get out and check them out.

The Iditarod starts on Saturday at 10 am AST. 1,049 mile to Nome. I'll be there taking some pix's. You can track some of the mushers by satellite this year. Check out the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Center for more.

In DC the Supreme Court is hearing if the punitive damages that Exxon was suppose to pay about 15 years ago, are too high. Exxon says it has paid enough for the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster. Most of us Alaskans thinks that Exxon hasn't paid nearly enough. Check out the history of this at the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council website. Exxon earns over $1,300 a second in 2007. It's last quarter profits were $11.7 billion, earning $40.61 billion for the year, the most for a U.S. Company.

I'll catch up with you later.


Meggie said…
Cool moose shot, Dave. Exxon has more money than brains....they need to pay up! It's about time that government take our environment and resources seriously. It's not only about big oil companies and their profits! Don't get me started.....
robin andrea said…
I'm sure Exxon thinks it has paid enough. That's why we don't leave that decision up to them.

Love seeing that young moose.