Fur Rondy weekend

This has been Fur Rondy weekend. I haven't been able to participate in many activities as I would like to this year, but I've been able to get out and see a few or follow it in the news.

Fur Rondy goes back to the 1930's when they decided to put a winter carnival together at the same time the fur trappers came to town. Now it's one of the largest winter attractions in the state.

The snow sculptures were slow getting started. They were waiting for colder weather so their works of art wouldn't melt before being judged. They started working them this past Friday and they are to be judged today. I'll swing by later and get some finished pictures and get them posted.

Everyones favorite is the World Championship Sled Dog Race. The race starts in the middle of downtown on 4th Avenue. It goes through the city streets and trails and makes it's way back to the finish on 4th.

I was able to catch some of the action at Cordova & 15th on the way to the finish of the first days races. This is about 2 blocks from my house.

More to come. We're going to check more out today. Check out the Fur Rondy website for more information, pictures and video's.


Meggie said…
Sounds like a fun weekend, Dave. Can't wait to see more photos.
Trixie said…
I haven't had a chance to take in any of the Rondy goodness. Darn!