Happy Winter Solstice!


Meggie said…
It's winter indeed in my area, Dave. Right now the temp is 7 degrees and going lower overnight with severe wind chill factor. No white stuff, though. Happy Winter Solstice to you!
Gouldiae said…
Wonderful shot Dave. What's the tree?
Serendipitous - the word verification letters were 'jagicing', how about that?
robin andrea said…
Happy winter solstice to you too, dave. We're getting rain, which is really what we need. yay!
Meggie said…
Happy Holidays to you and Ruth!
Dave said…
Meggie - stay warm young lady.

G - I'm not sure and I haven't had time to check on it. I've been busier than a one legged Santa Clause.

Robin - yeah for the rain for you.