Fighting for spring

This is the time of year we either dress to warm or not warm enough. The temperature is up and down like a yo-yo. This past Sunday I bbq'd ribs and chicken on the grill. I left the lid open so it could cool down and I came out 2 hours later to cover it up and it was covered with an inch of snow. ARGH!

Some of the birds are returning. Mallards, gulls and geese to name a few have started to return, so they must know something. There's open water, but the banks are still covered in snow or ice.

The temps have been in the teens at night but reaching about 41 during the day. The weather people don't know if they should predict snow or rain. I'm just happy to see some different colors besides white and gray.

The car wash business is booming. You was your rig today and chances are it will need it again tomorrow.

I feel a road trip coming up real soon!


Anonymous said…
Spring is not far off! Hang in there, we still have snow here in Michigan too!
P.S. Great Photo's! :D
robin andrea said…
I wish I could send you some of the balmy temps and blue skies we have here. The damsel- and dragonflies are out; birds are building nests; fields are covered in flowers. Soon this will be happening where you are.
Now is the hardest time to dress, indeed. Brave the cold/mud/rain/wind and enjoy spring colors!
Meggie said…
Looks a little too chilly for me, Dave. I was feeling the sun today at 71 was heavenly!
Dave said…
Stay warm NLS Moma.

It's happening Robin. I even almost complain ed it was hot. :)

I keep jackets, coats, gloves and hats in my truck WETD. I even have enough to loan others that are with me if needed.

51 yesterday Meggie. It felt heavenly. :)