Resting next to Sleeping Lady

Spring is winning in its fight over winter. We've had temps reaching 50 degrees during the day and around freezing at night. The sun has been out really zapping any motivation to work, but I trudge on anyways, but taking a few breaks here and there.

This boat was resting in Cook Inlet with Sleeping Lady Mountain in the background still covered in snow. Just last week the inlet was large chinks of ice.

The birds are coming back. I've been seeing geese, gulls and others. It gives me motivation to get back out and do some photography. The end of winter blues with the dirty snow, gray skies and all of the other uckies are going away pretty fast. West Chester Lagoon is thawing out and the birds have some open water.

We've even had some awesome sunsets. I cheated with this one using a filter. But it was neat just sitting down at the boat launch watching the sun go down.

We're suppose to get rain the next couple of days and I'll welcome it. We have a lot of dust blowing around from the volcano and sand and gravel spread on the roads during winter. People are out sweeping their lots and walks, car washes are bizzy, the stores are breaking out the gardening stuff and Anchorage is all in a buz. Spring is here.


Meggie said…
I know it's been a long time coming, Dave. Enjoy the rain...soon the flowers will bloom.
robin andrea said…
That's a beautiful sunset. I've never used a filter, but I really appreciate that effect. Enjoy the spring rains.
Anonymous said…
great sunset photo!
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Nice description of the change of seasons - beaut pics too. We have the same thing down here at present, only the other way around, autumn we call it. And, we too are looking forward to some rain. I've been watering on the golf course pretty well solidly for over 5 months.