Lazy Sunday

Last Sunday we had some ash from Mt. Redoubt head our way. It didn't amount to much at all really. I had more normal dust on my fire place mantel than what we got in volcanic ash. There were other parts of the state that got a lot more though.

I decided to bring Ghost inside out of the ash
in case it got worse. He spends a lot of time in his mew close to the ground. I didn't want him stirring it up and inhaling that stuff.

The first half hour or so he was a little on edge. After that he settled down and we watch a lot of TV. I guess he got tired of the Red Green after a bit. He got some serious preening in.


Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Great looking bird. Doesn't look as though he was too interested in your TV show, or the dog! I have to admit, you keep great company.
robin andrea said…
I agree with Gouldiae, you do keep some great company, dave. I can't imagine having a snowy owl in the house. Absolutely thrilling.
Meggie said…
What a magnificent looking creature! We have one in our area that is obviously off course but getting lots of attention.