Let it snow

Thanksgiving is over and it would be nice to say that things are back to normal. Of course we now have the Christmas shopping season going on starting today which is known as Black Friday. Today was actually a very white Friday. Depending where you are in Anchorage, you got any where's from 4.5 to 8 inches of very wet snow.

Those of you who didn't work, shopped and vise versa. The city was very slow on getting the plowing started, but they prevailed as usual.

I doubt I'd want to do any bike riding today, but there were several people out there doing it. Anchorage was named a bike friendly city recently.

Our Antonov AN-2 parked at Merrill Field was getting very white today also. I like watching the air field guys do snow removal. They have to enjoy it.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and for those not in the USA, thanks for visiting!


robin andrea said…
Hope you had a good thanksgiving too, Dave, and are staying warm and cozy with all that snow.
Dave said…
Robin - it hasn't been too bad. Thanksgiving was good!