Moose jam

I left an account this morning and was headed for another one when traffic got real heavy in an unusual spot and time. There weren't any flashing blue or red lights. I was only paying half attention because I was talking to a friend on the phone who had a sick cat. After I made it through the traffic a bit, I understood what the issue was. There was a old bull moose casually walking down Fireweed Lane in the slow lane and he didn't have a care in the world.

People were working their way around him carefully and then speeding on. I got around him and went a little ways up the street and parked in a parking lot so I could get some shots. This was an older guy with a good size rack.

Without giving any signals he turned onto Gambell Street right in front of me and headed my direction at a slow but steady pace. My eyes were getting bigger than my view finder could handle, so I hopped back in my truck. He walked right up to the Mt. Ash Berry tree right in front of me and started having breakfast.

I took his lead and went and got my latte' and blueberry muffin.

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robin andrea said…
Wow! What great timing, dave. That's such a beautiful, old bull moose. Excellent!
Clare said…
Always amazing.
Meggie said…
Totally amazing! What a rack!!
Dave said…
Thanks all. He was a handsome fellow for sure.