For the weekend

I was driving through this neighborhood back from the store and I saw all of this fluttering on this door. I was wondering what the heck this lady had on her door. Well these magpies really like her wreath.

They built a Target store in South Anchorage and next to it they made a nice little nature area. Sometimes I stop there just to take a break during the day.
The Common Fireweed is in bloom. Very common plant throughout most of Alaska. It's generally the first thing to grow back after a forest fire. As the blooms go up the plant, the closer winter is.
Going to Fairbanks for the weekend. Everybody have a safe one!
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Britt said…
Cool shots! :)
robin andrea said…
Love that wreath with the magpies. That's very cool.
Dave said…
Thanks ladies!
caite said…
now I have seen squirrels steal from a wreath, but the magpies are way