Plane junk yard

You have to love old machinery. It helped carve out our country and our world. I like old airplanes. Maybe because I spent 20 years in the USAF and retired as an aircraft mechanic. Maybe. Anyways, the older the plane the cooler it is to me. They have a lot cooler story to tell for me than the newer highly computerized fighter jets.

I ran across these planes on the backside of the airport in Fairbanks a few weeks ago. Of course they were in a locked yard and it was a weekend, so I had to shoot photos from the road. Just look at these relics and you can see a story or two or three.

Some of the companies painted on the planes no longer exist and some have upgraded their fleet to jets. On some of the planes you can still see where it use to say United States Air Force or United States Navy, but you know they haven't been in their inventory for a long time.

I need to make it back on a weekday. I need closer shots. I need to know more.
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Meggie said…
If those planes could only talk, what stories they would tell. We can only use our imaginations.
Dave said…
That's what attracts me Meggie. :)