Happy 4th of July

It's been a busy weekend, but I was able to break away some to go shoot some photos with Britt at the Alaska Botanical Garden and the Municipality of Anchorage Greenhouse at Russian Jack Park. It as drizzling some of the day, which helped out lighting and kept the crowds away.

Britt is a great friend and has an awesome talent with photography. She freely shares her secrets with photography while we're out and about. She has a great eye and a unique perspective. I often post links to her website here.

The Municipality of Anchorage Greenhouse at Russian Jack Park provides a wide variety of flowers for the many city maintained gardens around town. It might be a small garden on a street corner or a large one at a city park.

It made for a colorful day and helped take the gloom out of the rain.
For more of my photos, go here and here.
For more of Britt's, go here.
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Clare said…
Happy July 4th Dave!
Dave said…
Thanks Clare!