Birdwatching in my sister's backyard

My sister Diane got interested in birds when I got interested in volunteering at Bird TLC several years ago. I believe she spends more on wild bird seed than I can imagine. I was over there when I first arrived in town and was amazed at the visitors she had at here place.

So I asked to come over before dark to see what kind of photo's I could take. Unfortunately they were a little shy at first and then it started getting too dark. I'm not familiar with the specific types of birds in this area, but she had quite a few.

Maybe we'll get another chance before I head back home. We'll see.

Thanks to her husband Mike for letting me take his gardening partner away for a bit.
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John said…
The cardinal in the third photo looks like it lost all its head feathers.
Dave said…
I hadn't noticed that at first John. I enlarge the photo on my lsptop, but it gets distorted. However, it does look like it's covered in downy feathers.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Bit of a challenge sometimes when birding out of your comfort zone, hey? Hope you have enjoyed catching up with family.
Meggie said…
Maryland is my neck of the woods. Yes, we did have some pretty hot temps lately. Wild birdseed does get a bit costly even if the birds are a little camera shy.
Dave said…
You're right G. There were a lot of birds I had trouble identifying at first.

Meggie - it was 95° everyday for a week. That's about +30° higher than I was use to in Anchorage.