Visiting family

Mom is surrounded by all of her babies. Going clockwise. you have me, my brother Charlie the oldest, my sister Diane the hostest with the mostest and Larry. Remove the bead and everyone says Larry and I look alike. He is a handsome devil.

My nieces and nephews. Were' missing Mike because he had to work.

And all of the young ones! I think Mom (Nana) had a good time!
I'm back in Anchorage.
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Terry said…
So Carrie is the only one who doesn't live close by? (Well other than our three....)
Meggie said…
So your poor sister grew up with THREE brothers!! A handsome family indeed! Great photos of making memories.
Dave said…
Terry - Yep! She's all the way in California.

Meggie - She was a lucky girl. :) Thanks!!!