Visiting Family

I've escaped the often raining and cool low 50ish weather to visit family in Maryland. It's been sunny every day with the temperatures varying from 93° to 97° during the afternoon. I'm melting. I'm surprised that they haven't asked me to head back to Alaska because I've been wearing shorts every day.

I've been doing some photography and will share more when I get back home. My AT&T USB deal is slower than I expected and the signal is undependable. I might be asking for my money back when I get back.

I haven't lived here since the seventies, so I'm a tourist when I visit. My sister Diane has been a great tour guide. I've also got to check out some awesome restaurants.
Above is the WWII Memorial that over looks Annapolis. It's very impressive. They explain the different battle theaters and a lot of the units involved. They also include all branches of the service.
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Britt said…
Glad you are having such a great trip! :)
robin andrea said…
Sounds like you're having a good journey, despite the heat.

Whenever I see photos of the World War II Memorial I wish my father had lived long enough to see it. He would have truly felt honored by it.
Dave said…
Britt - Thanks!

Robin - The same with my dad. The trip was great.