To Portage!

My photography buddy Britt and I drove to Portage on Saturday to do some Bird TLC business. The whole way there the wind was gusting, the rain was falling, this just looked yucky. Right before we finished our main objective, the weather cleared up. So obviously the cameras came out.

Lighting was great on the trip down even with the rain, but we couldn't stop. It was getting bad on the way back, but we were able to get a few shots off and enjoy the view and the trip back. It turned out to be a really good day.

You can see more of my photos here.

Britt's a serious photographer and is great at giving me tips and suggestions. During the summer she likes shooting Bird TLC's eagle releases and during the winter she shoots the sled dog races. Check out her work at .
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Dave said…
lovely series, i love the first image.
robin andrea said…
Such beautiful images. I love the second one! It captures something about Alaska and how I imagine it.
Meggie said…
Britt is certainly a good teacher...your shots are gorgeous!
Maria Mcclain said…
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