Wildlife every wheres

The geese and others are filling the air. For the past few weeks the Great Migration has started. I left to go to work one morning and I could hear the geese over the traffic. There were hundreds of them in one formation. It cracks me up when people call them Canadian Geese. Makes you want to check them for a passport. Canada Geese, no nationality.
Mom and baby were having breakfast in this area where some trees were just cut. Baby wasn't paying much attention to me but mom sure was.
You have to pay attention this time of year. Moose have the right of way because they take it.
The old Rabbit Hutch has been gone a long time, maybe 20 years or more. Rumor has it that they let loose lots of rabbits when they closed down. There are still some remnants around. I use to see lots more when I first started visiting this spot, but raptors, lynx and mother nature has taken its toll.


Meggie said…
I'm guilty! I will be more diligent about referring to them as CANADA geese!
Anonymous said…
I just call them geese when I see them! Love that black rabbit though..
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Bet the panel shop people love Moose season!