Great weather, good walks

The weather had been a little on the chilly side for a bit, but now Mother Nature is rewarding us with good temperatures like 70°f. Our walks usually start in our neighborhood, but then we might drive to another part of town for the heck of it.

Macy is patient with me most of the time. She knows I stop a lot to take a picture or two or three or.....
Unlike other beagle's, she's not big on barking or howling. Not to say that she don't, but she seems to know when it's appropriate..

When we're done she goes to her chair for a nap and me to mine.
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caite said…
Oh, what a sweet, handsome little girl.
Beth F said…
A fine day and a sweet companion
Linda said…
Mace is also a good model. My little one won't stay still long enough for me to capture her with my camera.
Nice to see that the weather is letting you and Macy enjoy your walks. She is lovely. Black Jack is also quite patient when I'm taking pictures. She sits and quietly stares at me, because I often give her a small treat if I feel it has been a long wait for her.