I had an awesome Big Brother

(clockwise: Charlie, Diane, Larry, Mom, Dave)
I was very fortunate to have a family that allowed you to do what you were meant to do. They might not understand, but it's your life. I moved away over 35 years ago and had the support of all of them. Anytime I'd run into a speed bump, I had their support however it was needed.

Charlie , Dee, their children and grandchildren
My big brother Charlie passed away on May 30th of a massive heart attack doing what he liked to do. Playing golf. To me, he was bigger than life, like all big brothers are supposed to be. It was obvious to me at his funeral, that he was bigger than life to a lot of other people. The funeral home was packed for all 6 viewings and I rode in the limo and couldn't see the end of the possession.

Dee and Charlie Dorsey
Oh how he loved his wife Dee and their family. It was picture perfect how they all supported one another through out life. It shows now with his children and family all supporting Dee through this hard time. Charlie will always be with her through their children and grandchildren.

Charlie aboard the Sea Dee 3
I can't tell enough great stories about my brother here, the Internet just isn't big enough. There's a hole in my heart now, but I smile through the tears thinking of all the great times I was able to share with him, or he shared with me.

His daughter Debbie said it best. He's now with his hero's, Pop Pop (our dad George Dorsey), Ronald Regan and Johnny Unitas.

Goodbye Big Bro.
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robin andrea said…
My deepest condolences to you and your family, Dave.
Meggie said…
What a loving tribute to your big bro, Dave! So well said. Your family sounds awesome, the kind that everyone hopes for.
Unknown said…
and he was very proud of you!