That Old House

I was attracted to this old house when my sister was driving me to visit with my mom in Maryland. I talked her into going back to it so I could photograph it. I was surprised when we got closer that it was empty and as we got closer yet, it was obvious it was empty for some time.

Looking at it made me think of what it's history might have been. By the look of it's foundation, it was built a long time ago. Also the tree that shades it is huge and the vines that are starting to swallow it up have been doing so for some time.

The road now comes extremely close to the back of the house, but at one time it looks like it was a comfortable place to take a nap in the backyard. To me it looked like a real family home. I can see kids and a dog playing in the summer time. You can almost hear the Walton's saying g'nite.

What were the happy times? How many families grew up here? What brought it to its present emptiness? I guess the ghost that still nap or play under that tree would have to tell us.
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Unknown said…
It was the Johnson family, lived there until 1986. Lost his job, then the house. He was a mean SOB, so no one would help him. He did not have a wonderful sister like some people.
Wow, that sure made the story in my head take a turn. Lol!
robin andrea said…
Beautiful house, and an interesting story. Sure would be cool if someone rescued that house and kept its aging charm while repairing it. It definitely has potential!
It definately has charm Robin. It does look like a cool project, but it's 5,000 miles from Anchorage.
Ekaterina Trayt said…
I like such old, mysterious houses. It does look sad, a lonely house. But I like the vines :)
Beautiful photographs and the sort of questions I might have pondered as well. Lovely to have someone posting from Anchorage, a place I know little about. Hope to see it some day.
Andrea said…
I am about to comment in your newer post but when browsing was more attracted to this photo. It is lovely and, it emits positive energies than a house which had a negative past.