I need a really low interest loan or a sugar momma

I went to McKinley Princess Lodge this past weekend and between presentations I went photo hunting. Look what I found.

Should I take this one with the beautiful view

or the fixer upper?
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Oh go for the fixer upper!
caite said…
no,no, skip the fixer upper!! lol
Kathleen said…
I'd go for the nice view! I've just enjoyed looking through your blog. Love the bald eagle photos. I'd love to see one of them up close and personal! (visited from Outdoor Wednesday).
catsynth said…
Quite beautiful. Hopefully you can find a sweet loan to make that work. (I'm sure they must be out there somewhere.)
Thanks everyone and welcome to Kathleen. Cat, there's easy financing out there, but even though the view is gorgeous, the winter life is hard. I'm at an age that I'm getting ready for retirement in a few years. I saw these and had dreams, but that's all.