We were actually looking to photograph some wild flowers that I had photographed the year before. When we got there, they weren't as plentiful. Not to waste a trip, we continued driving, stopping, looking and on and on.

Nothing really caught our eye until we got to this one spot on Upper Six Mile Lake. I think Macy spotted them first.

The swans spotted us, honked a little and sort of started swimming our way. It wasn't an aggressive swim, more of a curious swim.

They swam back and forth in front of us within maybe 10 feet. I think they knew we weren't going in the water. They even did some preening.

I think they were curious of Macy just as she was of them. It ended up being a nice quiet peaceful visit. What more could you ask for.
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robin andrea said…
You and Macy see some beautiful sights!
Marko said…
I love nature! It looks there is a lot of it everywhere around you.

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caite said…
swans are so pretty..and aggressive! lol
Beth F said…
Looks like you two had a lovely afternoon after all.