Holden James Bentley Chaffman born 8/18/13 at 11:03PM weighing 8.1LB, 52cm long.

Proud dad Corey and my daughter Cassie's #3 and first son.
#7 Grandchild for me. Born at University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore.
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robin andrea said…
Congratulations to all! Hello Holden!
Tara Crowley said…
Congratulations, Grandpa! I'm a friend of Robin and Rogers, btw. I just got back from a trip to Alaska and I want to go back NOW. I'm already planning for next summer...any suggestions? I've heard one can transport one's car up via ferry.
Careful Tara, Alaska is adicting. You can bring your car on the Alaska Ferry. What is it you like to do or see in AK?
Congratulations he is a hansome little fella