No, I'm not in Alaska

When in Maryland visiting family (and seeing my new grandson), I like visiting Ft. Smallwood. Well known for good fishing, crabbing and birding, but I obviously like it for photography. Scheduling the best time to go is kind of hard, so The lighting is a little tough.

Big cargo ships go by all day long. I always wonder where they've been and where they're going to next. This one is obviously empty because it's high in the water.

There's always fishermen along the seawall.

It was a military fort built during the Spanish American War Era. It belonged to the City of Baltimore for decades until it was turned over to Anne Arundel County where it actually is.

Osprey are every where's and they are one of the coolest birds. Watching them dive into the Potomac River for fish is awesome.

And of course the Great Blue Heron.....they are soo cool to watch also.

And being from Alaska the land of plenty.....outhouses, I had never seen a purple outhouse. So I had to share this photo.
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Beth F said…
I like the Maryland coast and the inland waters. Hope your visit was fun.
catsynth said…
Quite a variety of scenes along the coast there, both natural and human-made.

I don't think I have ever seen a purple outhouse, either.
The visit has been fun. I enjoy visiting Maryland. Even though I started out here 50+ years ago, many things have changed since I left in the 70's.