It's fall, it's pre-winter. It's raining most of the time right now. The fireweed has bloomed out. The leaves are beginning to change. The temperatures rarely get to 60° anymore. When it's not raining, there's been a morning dew.

We had an awesome summer and now we pay for it. That's OK with me. Winter will be here by the end of next month.
Next weekend I'll take Macy on a road trip and get some fall photos.
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Edna said…
My son lives right above this area.... We are having a wonderful visit in rainy's Alaska...what could go wrong?????
Jim said…
Terrific shots.
still lovely weather here in the UK. We've had no real rain in ages so could do with some!
robin andrea said…
Always love reading about the changing seasons there. Soon it will happen here. We actually had a real rain on Labor Day. That's practically unheard of in the summertime in the Sierra foothills. Loved it!
Lea said…
Beautiful images of the creek and bridge!
Have a wonderful day!
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Bill Nicholls said…
Could do with some rain here at the moment, send some over
Enjoyed your photos! Jealous of your rained. We haven't had a sprinkle in our part of MO for a month!
Beth F said…
Can't wait to see your fall shots. We're still hovering between summer and fall in PA, although the nights are now almost too chilly to sit out.
Jo said…
Nice photos. :) And your weather is so different than here in Illinois -- we had rain over the weekend, and will have more 80s & up days to come.