Inside Fairbanks

I make it to Fairbanks usually a couple times a year on personnel trips and now on business. I went a couple weeks ago and had a little more free time then I thought I would. That works out good for photography and a little sight seeing.

Being a history buff, I love memorials. They tell the history of the place your visiting. The Lend-Lease program flew planes and supplies through Alaska and Siberia to Europe during World War II, and the aircraft stopped in both Fairbanks and Yakutsk. 

This awesome monument and fountain of the first settlers was really moving.

The old Northern Lights Hotel is looking for a little love. There's all sorts of stories about paranormal activity and deaths. She was built in 1953, so I bet it has some stories to tell.

Creamer's Field is always a must stop. It was a little late in the season and late afternoon, so birding wasn't good. But hiking the trails you do meet some neat people.

Fountainhead Resort has the biggest pots for their flowers.

The next week I was back home, but it snowed 3 inches in Fairbanks. I doubt the flowers look this good anymore.
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Stewart M said…
This is a part of the world I have always wanted to visit - I think it would have made more sense to have done when I lived in the Northern Hemisphere!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Bill Nicholls said…
Great blog and some brilliant memorials. Like you I tend to look at them and get photographs. You need to come to the UK for memorials we have loads
Delighted to find you through OW Tuesday.... we are planning (hoping) to travel to Alaska next summer...I'll be haunting your blog for advice/hints etc...we were just talking the other day about our plans (which we are just beginning to be serious about) and I said it is interesting that I don't have any blogs from Alaska...I read some from many states and countries...

I will definitely be back.
Bill, the UK is on my bucket list. It's history is nothing less than amazing.

Stewart, I missed a lot in my younger days when I had more of a chance to see the world then others.

Sallie, post when your getting close to visiting. If you make it to the Anchorage area, maybe we can meet and I'll show you some good photography places.
Indrani said…
Looks like a grand place to visit. Great captures from the place.
Beth F said…
Love the visit through your photos. It's getting colder here, but no snow for a couple of months.
Great pictures of the memorials, sometimes they become a fixture of the places we live and not much are paid to them, but I like to visit those in other areas when travelling. Jennifer
catsynth said…
Interesting memorials and sites. I'm fond of 20th century buildings, so hope that hotel does get a bit of love :)
Betty Luckhurst said…
I love memorials and the stories that they relate, too. These are awesome photos. Thanks for sharing them.
Gramma 2 Many said…
I am thinking I need a little Alaska Therapy. It has been a couple of months. Seeing your post just reinforces it. Maybe next month, definitely December.
Thanks for the great picture.