Thanks for the goodtime Blackberry

Today is the first day in I don't know how many years, that I don't have a Blackberry in my pocket. I became a fan of BB when I got my first Pearl years ago. Being able to synchronize easily with my pc is a must and that's when it started. It was also the first phone that I had that didn't die before the contract was up.
BB has always made a good product. You could feel the quality in your hand. Their software always had something to be desired though. I always had update problems, locking up, deletions and BB caused high blood pressure. I was hoping with the relaunch of RIM as Blackberry, this would go away like a bad dream, but no. Again the product was awesome. The Z10 had a larger screen, felt awesome, etc. But now to sync with your pc was a huge challenge. BB said they would fix this issue soon, but never did.
Quality product and organizing my day is why I stayed with them. This is why I always upgraded to the newer Blackberry, to stay ahead, never to retreat. I always amazed people that I still had a personnel BB. Well, no more.
Yesterday while I was in the AT&T store, Blackberry announced that they had over a million of unsold phones that were designed to save the company. They will announce a quarterly loss of $1 billion. They were laying off 4,500 people to cut expenses in half and their sale of stock dropped 17% with BB halting trading of their shares. They're going to give up on the personnel market and focus on the corporate market. So I gave up on them.
I got the new Apple 5S. It's smaller, but lighter. It is very fast and soooo many apps. And the most important part is that my contacts, calendar and task list match what is on my pc and my new IPad.
Blackberry, it was fun. Now life goes on. I only hope Microsoft learns from BB's mistakes.