I'm a lucky man

I'm back! I'm not 100%, but I'm working on it. I'd like to thank the fantastic doctors, nurses and staff at Providence Hospital,  my awesome coworkers and customers, my competitors, my family (oh my kids are great), and my fabulous friends.

I know that with the great work done in the hospital, I'd get better. But without the support of my family and friends, it wouldn't happen so fast. My daughter came to visit from Maryland during my stay in the hospital, my son Ryan and his wife Erin dog and bird sat for me while I was in the hospital and then stayed at my place for over a week after I got out to help out and my son Nick was there for whatever was needed.

The support from friends is so much more than I ever expected. The ones that called, emailed and posted, visited in the hospital, brought food over, gone with me on walks or taken me to the library for lectures or just cheered me up with their company.

I'm not a religious man, but I know when I've been blessed. I know I've been blessed with the people that have reached out to me with their kindness and friendship. I am a lucky man.
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robin andrea said…
So glad to see a post here and read that you are well and lucky. Yes, indeed. You are a lucky man. Enjoy your good health and friendships, love and family.

Waving hello to you from the Sierra foothills and wishing you continued good health!
Bill Nicholls said…
You sure are from the sound of things, take it easy and you will be ok
hula-la said…
Glad to see that you are back in the saddle. We are all blessed, and we should all take the time to receive all the goodness that the Universe has to offer. It is far more than we could ever hope for! Be well. Aloha
Clare said…
Dave, Good to hear you're on the mend my friend. Take very good care of yourself.
Friends and family pull you through the tough times. Glad you're feeling better :-)
catsynth said…
Glad to see you are doing well. Wish you continuing health.
retriever said…
A beautifull fotos with you pets in a nice landscape, Have a nice day!
Diane said…
Love you little bro, take care.