Maybe it's the 5 minute rule

When Macy first came to live with me, I got her stainless steel food & water dishes with a large base.  After a while the tip of her nose started changing to red and a friend of mine said it was because of the steel dishes. So we went right out to Petco and got some ceramic ones. Ever since then she tips the food bowl over and eats off the floor.

I have no idea why, she just does and it can get very humorous. Sometimes when she tips it over, it lands upside down on top of a few morsels. Then she spends a long time trying to get it tipped back over. I have found her dish in the living room, dinning room and down the hallway from her scooting it around trying to turn it back over.

After eating, she's ready to play. She loves tug of war and her favorite toy is a stuffed owl. She usually rips the stuffing out of toys, but this owl she has had for about 2 years and only the squeaky part doesn't work anymore. 

But when the sun is shining through the front window, you might catch her falling asleep sitting up

This is her chair. I've been wanting to replace it for some time, but she gets so comfortable on the back of it. She'll also look out the window sitting on the back of it.

The things that we do for our dogs.
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Cynthia said…
Funny dog. I enjoyed your post.
No one provides the love and attention you get from your dog. This post is delightful.

My cat has to have a heavy bowl as the previous one would end up any and every where. He would bring me the bowl when he was hungry but he would leave a trail from the morsels he no longer found interesting.
Indrani said…
That is cute, I like how it is sitting and sleeping.
Kalantikan said…
Oh so cute, and irresistible!
Lea said…
We do love our pets, don't we!
With one dog and two cats, there is always something going on here.
Lea's Menagerie
Genie Robinson said…
I have fallen in love with this post. Precious. 90 uestTb