Old Airplanes and Fairbanks

Fairbanks is the second largest city in Alaska and one of my favorite places to visit. Besides having good friends there, there's always something interesting to see. Being a retired USAF crew chief, anything aviation and old always catches my attention.

This old tail section now time and weather sign greets you when entering the East Ramp of the airport. I believe it came from a Curtis C-46 Commando. This type aircraft is getting fewer and fewer, but is still used by Evert's Air Cargo in Alaska. All the big airlines had them at one time.

A little drive away from the airport, you'll find all types of vintage aircraft tucked away in storage yards.

Here's what's left of a fleet of Piasecki H-21Workhorse / Shawnee, lovingly known as the Flying Banana. These were used for rescue in the arctic because of how well they handled low temperatures. It was replaced in the mid 60's by the Huey UH-1, more commonly thought of when talking US military and helicopters.

Wien Alaska was one of the big players in Alaska back in the day. They were the first airline in Alaska and one of the first in the US. Today this hangar is used by Evert's and is presently being refurbished.

Here you see it all around the Fairbanks International Airport.
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catsynth said…
Interesting images combining human analysis with nature.

I had friends in Fairbanks for many years. I regret not having a chance to visit before they left.
Beth F said…
One of only 2 states I haven't yet visited. Hope to get there one of these days.
The only state I have t been in! We hope to remedy that this summer.