Take a moose to lunch

When there's snow on the ground and the temperatures get low, the moose come to town. Generally it's easier for the moose to walk around in urban areas because of plowed and shoveled areas. They can easily reach trees and bushes that are good to eat from.

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon was their choice today. I usually eat inside, but they liked the berries from the Mt Ash trees lining the parking lot. The many birds that winter over in Anchorage will have to find another restaurant. These two picked the trees clean.

Both were of pretty fair size. The female stayed back some and was a little hidden by lamp post, cars, etc. For most of the attention they were getting, they were pretty mellow.

Their reach to get the berries at the top of the trees was impressive.

But after a bit, I got a look and a snort, so I figured it was time for me to leave.
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Heather said…
Very cool! Definitely puts my occasional urban deer sightings to shame. ☺
Hello my friends! Love them.. :)
Beth F said…
Fantastic chance to get closeup shots. I don't know why, but I love moose.
oh my goodness!! That is pretty cool!
Lea said…
Have a wonderful day!
Laura said…
awesome moose photos!!
Great pictures!

Jocelyn @
robin andrea said…
Love seeing your moose photos, Dave. They are such beautiful, impressive creatures.
Betty Luckhurst said…
What a great sight to see in town! I love these shots!
Beautiful animals! They almost came into our yard where we lived when I was little.
The Greenockian said…
Wow - amazing to get so close! Love your header photograph.
Carola said…
Amazing post! Moose in town, that's incredible. Great shots.
Jim said…
Wonderful shot.
Indrani said…
Look at those horns!!!
Great captures!
Lola said…
Superb captures!
Ileana said…
Amazing photos!
Have a nice day!
Moose are loose.....wowza!
JM Illinois