Yep, she's a beagel!

Well it was 2 years on 10/31 that Macy came to live with me. I must say that was the best decision we made in a long, long time.

Above she's with her favorite toy, an owl. Go figure. I do education presentations with an owl and she prefers to play tug of war with one.

My friend Britt took this one. We escaped during my recovery to get some fresh air and scenery.

She always tips her bowl over when she eats. Why you ask? No one knows but her and she ain't saying.

Sometimes she works so hard she falls asleep sitting up.

She's a great listener, well, when there's not a good smell around. Good smells make her go deaf.

Britt took this one also. She calls it "Driving Miss Macy".

Macy doesn't like being left at home and makes it a point that you feel like a schmuck when you don't take her along.

Running through the daisy's.
Friends send me this all the time. Gotta love I!
Happy Doggiversary Macy!


Diane said…
Lucky doggie and lucky you!
Bill Nicholls said…
Got to love a dog, I can't be without ours.
robin andrea said…
Such a sweet doggiversary card to your very beautiful pup. Love that The Beagles album cover. Too cute for words!
catsynth said…
Aww, happy 2nd "Gotcha Day", as we say in the pet-blogging world :)
Beth F said…
What a sweetie!
Heather said…
Aw, love the one of Macy sleeping sitting up.