Tuesday, August 27, 2013

He said "It's a 1940 Indian Military Special".

I just left visiting mom, when this caught my eye. I went up the street a bit and turned around. When I got back to it, I didn't notice anyone around. I was only taking photographs, when this tall, thin gentleman said "It's a 1940 Indian Military Special. Most of the ones you see are Harley's". I said "Sorry, but I had to photograph this". He said "That's alright. Go ahead".

I said "Wow, it has a suicide shift". He said "Yep. Indian was on the right and Harley was on the left". He said he had it restored about 8 years ago.

It was a pretty day. Temperature was in the upper 80's and sunny. I'd be out on that gorgeous bike too!
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Off to see Edgar Allan Poe

Some of  Edgar Allan Poe's work was required reading when I went to school. Because of his hard life and mysterious death, anything about him always caught my curiosity. He's buried at the now called Westminster Hall and Burying Ground along with his wife Virginia, his mother-in-law and aunt Maria, his brother and grandfather .

This was a popular burial place for many important and influential merchants, politicians, statesmen, and dozens of veterans (officers and soldiers) of the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812 who were citizens of the burgeoning and soon-to-be, the third largest city in America.
Poe and his family were relocated to front of the cemetery after a
 "Pennies for Poe" campaign in 1875 by a local school teacher to get Poe a more appropriate monument.
In 1852, a church was erected over top of the graveyard. Brick pillars straddle gravestones and burial vaults creating a kind of catacomb. 

Gravesites are squeezed into many  now odd locations around the graveyard.
It's well worth the time to visit. I wish I was visiting during a time when they were giving tours of the church itself.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No, I'm not in Alaska

When in Maryland visiting family (and seeing my new grandson), I like visiting Ft. Smallwood. Well known for good fishing, crabbing and birding, but I obviously like it for photography. Scheduling the best time to go is kind of hard, so The lighting is a little tough.

Big cargo ships go by all day long. I always wonder where they've been and where they're going to next. This one is obviously empty because it's high in the water.

There's always fishermen along the seawall.

It was a military fort built during the Spanish American War Era. It belonged to the City of Baltimore for decades until it was turned over to Anne Arundel County where it actually is.

Osprey are every where's and they are one of the coolest birds. Watching them dive into the Potomac River for fish is awesome.

And of course the Great Blue Heron.....they are soo cool to watch also.

And being from Alaska the land of plenty.....outhouses, I had never seen a purple outhouse. So I had to share this photo.
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Monday, August 19, 2013


 Holden James Bentley Chaffman born 8/18/13 at 11:03PM weighing 8.1LB, 52cm long.

Proud dad Corey and my daughter Cassie's #3 and first son.
#7 Grandchild for me. Born at University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore.
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

More from Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

I never get tired of this place. The animals here I can watch all day.

Musk Ox have been around for a long time. There are about 4,000 in Alaska. They are hunted for their meat and their soft brownish wool-like underhair, called “qiviut,” has been called the rarest fiber in the world and is highly valued.

On a hot day, Hugo, Joe Boxer and Patron have a lot of fun in the pond keeping cool. They can be most humorous to watch, almost hypnotizing.
They don't have the skills to survive in the wild, but they do give us an opportunity to see what's in the wild up close.
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Sunday, August 4, 2013


We were actually looking to photograph some wild flowers that I had photographed the year before. When we got there, they weren't as plentiful. Not to waste a trip, we continued driving, stopping, looking and on and on.

Nothing really caught our eye until we got to this one spot on Upper Six Mile Lake. I think Macy spotted them first.

The swans spotted us, honked a little and sort of started swimming our way. It wasn't an aggressive swim, more of a curious swim.

They swam back and forth in front of us within maybe 10 feet. I think they knew we weren't going in the water. They even did some preening.

I think they were curious of Macy just as she was of them. It ended up being a nice quiet peaceful visit. What more could you ask for.
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Friday, August 2, 2013

OK. She has a name


I always name my trucks. The last one, Lucille was a good one. High milage was her downfall though. Everyone has been asking me what I've decided on with this one. After many suggestions, I'm going with Pearl (the color she is) as her name. After two trips to Portage and Wasilla, one to Fairbanks and Soldotna, she's a keeper.
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