In search of ??? in Portage, Alaska

Amanda and I headed out to Portage again for the second time this weekend. This time we took Macy along and it's probably a good thing. Yep, Macy is my best bud, she's a lot of fun and lets me live in my house. But there wasn't a lot that caught my photography eye, so she got some extra attention.
 This stream reminded me of when I lived in South Carolina.
 Except for the mountains in the background of course.
 Macy was getting her workout for the day. I think our hike was a little longer than our normal daily walk.
 Dueling photos.
 Nice peaceful spot that took me several hours to re-find yesterday. I hadn't been back in here in a few years, and the National Park Service had make some nice campground improvements. With these improvements, I knew where I was but couldn't find where I wanted to go.
Macy was being adventurous, but I kept a close eye on her. There were plenty of bear signs around. Didn't see any though.
This is where she was checking out. I love this little fall. Actually it's not all that little. It runs down the side of a mountain, but it's nice and peaceful. 
These chunks of Portage Glacier were of pretty good size. With the wind blowing, you could feel the temperature change. The wind did keep the skeeters off of my pasty white legs. Yep, I was wearing shorts.


BavarianSojourn said…
Great photos! Love how you just found some bits of glacier whilst out on a walk! :D
SJ Begonja said…
Ohhh what a place. This is on my 'when I get enough $$' list. I'd love to see this part of the word as its so unlike most places. Big thanks for linking up with us for #SundayTraveler
carol l mckenna said…
Love your dog and great shots of your beautiful area for OWT ~ Alaska! ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)
Fun60 said…
Looks like an interesting place for a walk. Not sure about wanting to come across a bear though.
Snap said…
Bits of glacier -- wow! Looks like a great walk and Macy is very lovely.
Looks like you had a great time! Your dog is really cute!
Adelina Wong said…
It looks like your pal enjoyed his time exploring! Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!
robin andrea said…
Looks like a fine adventure. Macy is a very lucky dog!
Beth F said…
Nice series! And all those mossy trees do look like the south!