Not just glacier viewing in Prince William Sound

The photographs don't do justice to the beautiful day it was. I went out on Phillips Cruises & Tours, 26 Glacier Cruise yesterday out of Whittier, Alaska yesterday with a fun group from Stewart's Photo. Here we were in the North America's northern-most rain forest on a beautiful sunny day.
Humpback whales were everywhere. They must of liked the sun also. An endangered species, but the population is growing about 7% a year since being granted protection from whaling in 1966.
As a kid I thought I splashed a lot of water doing cannon balls.
 Harbor Seal getting a tan while hauled out on a small ice burg. Their numbers are on the decline in the area. A specific reason is not known. There's probably multiple factors involved.
 Glaciers, glaciers and more glaciers. They said we would see 26 glaciers in one day. I didn't count them, but I don't doubt we did. If you put all the glaciers in the lower 48 states, they wouldn't be as large as one of Alaska's bigger glaciers.
 They say there's about 100,00 glaciers in Alaska, but only 650 have been named. This is Harriman Glacier.
 More Humpback Whales. An adult can get 55 feet long an weigh up to 40 tons. Their dorsal fin and fluke are distinct to each whale and can be use for identification.
 We saw these two over a half mile away.
Black-legged Kittiwake. They say there's about 5 thousand here. I took their word for it.
I'll have more photos posted later. It was a great day and I have about 1000 photos to go through.


These are fantastic! I loved seeing the whales and the glaciers too. We have nothing like that here. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. It looked a great day out.
robin andrea said…
Wow, Dave! Those are beautiful photos. Quite a spectacular day there.
bettyl-NZ said…
What wonderful photos! It's on my bucket list to visit Alaska--or at least, take an Alaskan cruise. I'm sure either way, I will see some spectacular scenes.
Incredible photos! These are really excellent.
Rajlakshmi said…
I would love to do some whale watching. Fantastic photographs :)
Kusum Sanu said…
Wow! I had been to Alaska too and had similar experiences!
Just wonderful, great to have the possibility for whale watching.