Happy Anniversery to Me

Well, I'm not talking about my blogiversery which was last month, since 2007. I'm not married. Well, it is mine and Macy's, but that's not the one I'm talking about yet. It's the one of me not making it to the end of the road just yet. Well, maybe one...
 And because of great doctors, nurses, hospital staff, family and friends I got to see a lot more of life and appreciate it a whole lot more in the past year.
 My sister and brother-in-law came to visit and they got to see Denali among a lot of other parts of Alaska. This summer has had such great weather, I've seen Denali out more than ever before.
 Macy, one of my adventure pals. She's always there for 3 years now. She's the best!
Humpback Whales!
So cool!
 So much wildlife. Photography helps me remember.
Traveling the state with Petra and Hal, two bald eagles....
and Ghost the snowy owl. 3 awesome ambassadors for Bird TLC. Meeting awesome people from all over the world.
Along with some awesome volunteers, helping the injured wild birds that come through the clinic.
I'm a lucky man to still be here, to have what I have and have the opportunity to do what I do. I don't have it all, but then yet maybe I do.


robin andrea said…
From the looks of it, you do have it all! I'm so glad you have this anniversary to celebrate. Congratulations!
Oh goodness, I hadn't realized you were very ill but am delighted to read that you've been able to enjoy your spectacular part of the world over this past year. Here's to many more years of wildlife viewing. P.S. I'm SO jealous of your seeing that Humpback! But, great photo!
Arizona said…
First I have never answered to a blog, this will be new for me. I have to say I love every photo you take. You are one heck of a master at it. I will have to look you up someday when I am able to take a trip to Alaska. You seem like the right person for a GREAT tour. I am an email kind of person, so like I said, hopefully this will get to you. Thank you for the gorgeous photos and the fun trips. I feel like I am almost there with you with your details. From Arizona.
Arizona said…
I forgot to say HAPPY Anniversary. Sorry!
I just noticed I spelled anniversary wrong in the title. LoL! Thanks for the kind comments everyone.

Thanks Robin! I always look forward to seeing your comments and reading your blog.

Come on up BJC and we'll take a boat out of Whittier and see some more whales. Then I'll be jealous of your whale photos on your blog.

Thanks Arizona! I'll be in your state next year visiting an old friend I haven't seen in years. I hope to get some nice photos while there. If you make it up here, drop me a line and we'll go for a tour.