Rainy Days and beagles

It's that time of year. Pre-winter. The leaves are mostly off the trees. Termination dust (snow) is more then half way down the mountains. Macy likes the smells this time of year brings.
 We don't get a lot of rain, but it's been drizzling since last night.
 That nose goes 24/7. If anything gets her in trouble, it's that nose. It amazing how many people come up to me when we're out for a walk and say "I use to have a beagle" or "Does she bark a lot?" or "Hi puppy". Well the puppy is 5 now. I don't have her exact birth date, so I go by when I got her.
 This is the second beagle in my life. I understand why people do have them, not why they don't. She's well behaved most of the time, barks very little and steals the covers.
 She doesn't care if it's raining, lets go for a walk. She'll sit patiently while I play with the camera but doesn't like posing.
And probably wonders why I'm taking photos of dried up berries with rain dripping off of them. Lets go home and get a cookie.


robin andrea said…
Macy looks like a wonderful companion. Roger and I take walks in the neighborhood everyday. We always talk to the doggies and their companions. We would call Macy "Puppy" too.

Nice berry shots!
The great thing about a happy dog is that every season is a great time for getting out and exploring new smells. It makes the world seem like just a fun place.
Very nice companion, I bet it's great to go our for long walks.
eileeninmd said…
Macy is a cutie! I love the berry shots.. Have a happy week!
NC Sue said…
Macy's having fun out and about. And the berry shots are nice autumn shots as well.

I'm glad you came by to visit and link up.
Angela Thompson said…
We have foxhound mix that is all nose all the time--and he steals the covers too! :) I love beagles!
Robin - Macy's a wonderful companion. She has never complained about any of the places we gone.

Jess - she is all about the smells.

Jay - we both love the good long walks. They're also good for us.

Eileen - it has been a happy week so far.

NC Sue - Macy always has fun out about. Thank you we like going by your blog.
Molly said…
I never thought about the snow slowly creeping down the mountains towards you...that is quite a mental image and a environment I can only imagine living in

Felicia said…
she's a pretty girl. good to have company on your photo shoots.
A man can always count on his dog for a friend to go for a walk with, snuggle under the covers with, and share his last bite of sandwich with. Aren't you the lucky one? Your trees are way ahead of ours. The color is just starting with the maples. I would say some maples are at their peak, most aren't.
JM, Illinois
Rivien said…
* Im singing: Im singing in the rain....
Nice shots from a rainy day!
Hugs Riv
Parul said…
Lovely pics of Macy and the pleasant weather.
Heather said…
Great photos, both of Macy and the berries. This is the first day all week we haven't had rain or drizzle. Better mid-week than weekend, I guess. My WW