I went to Fairbanks for the weekend to work?

Well I did, but you can't work all the time. As usual, some of the time I spent driving around looking for a photograph.
 I think "The Lucky Duck" needs deicing. Just one of the sights at Pikes Landing. This is on top of their greenhouse. They're pretty heavy into hydroponics.
 Earlier this summer I saw this historic sign and saw the hangar was under renovation. I was hoping they wouldn't cover it up. They didn't Wein Air Alaska still lives.
"Know Fear" A C119 "Boxcar" with jet assist in Everts Air Cargo storage yard. Geeze do I like old planes. I'd love to go sit in the cockpit. I scared a bunch of pigeons that scared me while I was shooting.
 My friend Rebecca took me along to watch some agility training. It was pretty cool. I've seen it in action in Anchorage outside, but this is a first inside one for me.
 It was tough to shoot because of the type of lighting in the building, but there were cool things happening. The corgi's name is Lady, not sure what the lady's name is. 
 Rebecca has a challenge with Chloe, but she's sticking to it. Chloe is young, hyper and easily distracted, but Rebecca is having fun and not giving up.
 There's lots of pretty sights in Fairbank. This I took on my way to the airport to head home Sunday morning. I think it was +23°f. See the steam rising off of the Chena River?
I don't think Fairbanks Fire Department has used Truck No. 1 in a while. This old Seagrave is in pretty good shape considering it's out in the weather. If it could talk, I wonder what it would tell us.
Until next time Fairbanks.


Bill Nicholls said…
What snow already, Nice trip there
robin andrea said…
Looks like a cool place to walk around.
Lea said…
Interesting series of photos
Have a great day
Jim said…
How interesting
Beth F said…
Love the old planes and the fire engine. How interesting to see the dog training. I bet it was fascinating.
DrillerAA09 said…
Great photo set. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.
Great pictures! I have a friend who's son flies in Port Alsworth. I hear it's a beautiful flight.

Jocelyn @
Patrick weseman said…
Very interesting. Love it.
Heather said…
Love the river shot. I don't even want to think about snow and ice yet. My WW
NC Sue said…
Nesting the plane in the roof is a really cool & creative idea.

Thanks for sharing at
Molly said…
Looks like winter is well and truly arrived there