And then there's Zelda

I knew once I moved to the valley that I'd be commuting for about 45 minutes each way a few days a week. Pearl, my pickup truck I love, but she likes her gas. Also I didn't want to rack up the miles on her either. So the hunt was on for a gas conscious  economy car. I had the choice between a couple Impala's, an Imprenza, and a Jetta.
 The Jetta won out. She's used, was in better shape than the others, handled well and stopped better. You may call her Zelda. Since she's a VW, a German name was needed. Zelda is a variation of Griselda which means gray warrior maid.
Pearl need not be jealous. She's a beauty in her own right. I'll get to spend more time cleaning her up, making her shine. There will be times I'll need to take her and not Zelda. But Zelda will save me about $50 a week in gas.
This is the first car I've owned that's for me since the '80's. It'll take some getting use to.


Bill Nicholls said…
I always think of Zelda as a Video game my kids & I played on the Nindendo. Nice to see your still blogging, I seem to have missed seeing your blogs.
robin andrea said…
Nice new car you have there! I hope Macy likes going for rides in Zelda.