Just different things.........

 My neighbor has a few old things decorating his yard.
 The way last winter was, we might need this snow plow this winter.
 Not a sign you see a lot in the lower 48.
 Thinking of going into business for yourself?
 From earlier this year down at Palmer Hay Flats. Not sure what this is. I'll get back to you.
 This Prickly Rose or Wild Rose are all over my yard.
Macy girl chillin' by the creek along Hatchers Pass.


Diane said…
Dave, I think the purple flower is a sort of Iris. I have them too.
I believe you're right Diane. I believe it's a wild Iris.
Lyn Lindfield said…
We have just come back from Alaska. I love the Aircraft on Road sign.
NC Sue said…
Aircraft on road?
That would be a little disconcerting!!!
Thanks for linking up at
Tamar SB said…
Fun mix of antiques!
Stewart M said…
That road sign is a classic - not one see often anywhere really!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
robin andrea said…
Love seeing these views of your world. Wonderful pics!
likeschocolate said…
I grew up in Anchorage! I totally know where Hatchers pass is! Great shots!
Kate said…
Some fun photos and some pretty photos. A very nice post. Thanks for sharing.
Beth F said…
Great sign! And Macy knows how to stay cool.
The landscape art is interesting, I think the first is a cement mixer....there are some areas of the road from Huntsville to Memphis where aircraft sometimes land in emergency, I suppose because we see similar signs there....Thanks for sharing
Mama Bear
Thanks everyone for you comments. The sign is because the road is used as a runway sometimes. People keep their planes at their house and use the road for a runway. Not a lot of houses or a lot of traffic on that road. This isn't unusual in Alaska.