Ghost needs a new mew (house)

It's been a few years, 2006 to be exact. But Ghost came to live with me for me to caretake as a Bird TLC Education Bird. He changed my life and I try to make his a better one. Back in 2006 I built him a mew in the backyard of my place in Anchorage. It was the first time I ever attempted something like that.
 Well, I get to try it again. Since I moved, Ghost gets to also. But he needs a place to move to. His old mew is now too small for what is required of it and it needs what we call an arctic entry. It's to help prevent escapes.
 So we started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for the materials. With the materials we will use, it will be the last mew he'll ever need.
 Ghost has traveled many places throughout Alaska with Bekah (Ghost other presenter) and I to help educate people about Bird TLC and Snowy Owls.
We've done very well. Ghost has even been in a movie "The Magic of the Snowy Owl" in 2012 on PBS. He has quite the birdality and people really take to him.
So if you can help out, it would be appreciated. Here's a link to our campaign


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Such a beautiful bird - awesome!
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