Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ghost needs a new mew (house)

It's been a few years, 2006 to be exact. But Ghost came to live with me for me to caretake as a Bird TLC Education Bird. He changed my life and I try to make his a better one. Back in 2006 I built him a mew in the backyard of my place in Anchorage. It was the first time I ever attempted something like that.
 Well, I get to try it again. Since I moved, Ghost gets to also. But he needs a place to move to. His old mew is now too small for what is required of it and it needs what we call an arctic entry. It's to help prevent escapes.
 So we started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for the materials. With the materials we will use, it will be the last mew he'll ever need.
 Ghost has traveled many places throughout Alaska with Bekah (Ghost other presenter) and I to help educate people about Bird TLC and Snowy Owls.
We've done very well. Ghost has even been in a movie "The Magic of the Snowy Owl" in 2012 on PBS. He has quite the birdality and people really take to him.
So if you can help out, it would be appreciated. Here's a link to our campaign http://www.gofundme.com/Ghosthome

Monday, August 17, 2015

I got a new toy

I went to a photography expo put on by Stewart's Photo a few weeks ago. I wanted a replacement for my Canon 100-400 generation I that I never was totally happy with. Here, all in one place, I can talk to all of the manufacturers. Oh, did I have fun.
I walked out with the Sigma 150-600 F5-6.3 DG Sports model. Oh what a beauty. The Tamron version seemed very cheaply made. Canon disappointed me with it's rep. I'd been on some photography trips sponsored by Canon and he was very knowledgeable of all the products they supplied. But at the expo, all I really heard from him about the Canon 100-400 gen II was that it was going to be in his camera bag. Nothing about the specs of the lens, what it can or can't do. The Sigma rep told it all and I was impressed.
So for a test drive I go to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. From outside the fence I was about to play with er ahhh ahem, try out my lens. There was all kinds of planes like this Australian Royal Air Force Tanker.
 Ravn Air Beechcraft B1900 Cargo
 Alaska Air Taxi Short SC-7 Skyvan
 Then on the way home I saw this guy or gal.
 Hal the Bird TLC education bald eagle, got to spend the night with me because we had a late presentation. My friends say it looks like he's saying grace. This photo and the next was taken with my Canon EF24-105.
Macy wanted in the yard but I wouldn't let her because of Hal.
I also bought the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer. That rep knew what he was selling. Also with the rebates they were offering, WOW!
So Macy and I are having fun in between work, house stuff, etc. Expect to see more.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

And then there's Zelda

I knew once I moved to the valley that I'd be commuting for about 45 minutes each way a few days a week. Pearl, my pickup truck I love, but she likes her gas. Also I didn't want to rack up the miles on her either. So the hunt was on for a gas conscious  economy car. I had the choice between a couple Impala's, an Imprenza, and a Jetta.
 The Jetta won out. She's used, was in better shape than the others, handled well and stopped better. You may call her Zelda. Since she's a VW, a German name was needed. Zelda is a variation of Griselda which means gray warrior maid.
Pearl need not be jealous. She's a beauty in her own right. I'll get to spend more time cleaning her up, making her shine. There will be times I'll need to take her and not Zelda. But Zelda will save me about $50 a week in gas.
This is the first car I've owned that's for me since the '80's. It'll take some getting use to.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Just different things.........

 My neighbor has a few old things decorating his yard.
 The way last winter was, we might need this snow plow this winter.
 Not a sign you see a lot in the lower 48.
 Thinking of going into business for yourself?
 From earlier this year down at Palmer Hay Flats. Not sure what this is. I'll get back to you.
 This Prickly Rose or Wild Rose are all over my yard.
Macy girl chillin' by the creek along Hatchers Pass.