Back to Kodiak

Kodiak is the second largest island in the U.S., second only to Hawaii. It's one of the largest fishing ports in the U.S. and the largest in Alaska.
At least we're back at the boat harbor via photography anyways. I love walking the docks and looking at the boats. No, I don't want to work on the boats, but I do respect those that do.
 I wonder at their names and how they got their inspiration to name them what they do.
 Most boats were still in dock, some in dry dock doing repairs, cleaning up, painting and stocking up. Irene H might have been on a test run or picking up supplies across the bay.
Alaska Department of Public Safety, Division of Wildlife TroopersMarine Enforcement Section vessel P/V Stimson moved to Kodiak earlier this year from Unalaska. It's a 150 foot patrol vessel and is surely impressive. It's the largest in their fleet.
 Peggy Jo was going out while we were there.
 They built these artificial islands in the harbor to keep these sea lions off the docks.
 I can see trying to tip toe past these guys.
 There was all types of work going on in preparation for the upcoming fishing season.
 I noticed a lot of the boats had four legged deckhands.
 The weather was awesome, not too hot, not too cool.
 I don't know this deckhands name, but he reminded me of Petie on Little Rascals.
 Looking at this boat in dry dock, you cam see how much is below the waterline when it's in the water.
 The small boat harbor
 Irene H was docked and quiet by the time we made it to where she was. If you recall, she was headed into the harbor at the top of the post.
 Another four legged deckhand.
  Another four legged deckhand.
 This is as much I could get of the boat harbor in one shot. It's pretty big. Awesome tour, everyone said hi or started a conversation.
Robin brought me here before taking me to the airport. Good food, good beer and good company. Thanks again Robin for your hospitality.


Karen said…
Terrific scenery. I like the idea of a special place for seals.
robin andrea said…
What a great place! Love seeing that harbor. Wonderful photos.
NC Sue said…
Some day I'll have to head to Alaska. The photos people share at our weekly linkup help me to realize how lovely it is.
Thanks for sharing at
Beth F said…
What a great series! I love the doggie deck hands!
jMo said…
THere's so much there, u make me look like such a lazy photographer. That dogs, precious, I counted three of them. Didn't know that was the second largest island in the US, interesting. I wonder if that's the 2nd largest bear, too? Those sea lions, I've seen them along the Oregon coast and they r a stanky lot. Some of these r certainly worth blowing up and framing. I don't mean exploding. Lovely, u really put in the effort.