Take me to Fairbanks, again

A few weeks ago I made it back to Fairbanks. I love just driving around and finding something new to me and do some photography,
 Here, the Tanana Chief looks like she's having some issues. I don't know what's going on, but I hope they get it figured out.
 I hooked up with my photography friend Colleen. She always has a few neat places to go up her sleeve.
 This little pond off of Sheep Creek always has a few interesting birds, plants or scenery going on. There's heavy traffic real close, but it don't seem to run the birds off.
 The University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Georgeson Botanical Garden is a hidden jewel.
 Though we were there early in the season, there are many different plants in bloom.
 In all shapes...
 and colors
 There's even a fun section for kids.
Kids of all ages. Thanks Colleen and thank you Fairbanks.


robin andrea said…
Fairbanks looks like a wonderful place for photography. You do get to see such cool sights.
Alycia said…
That bear Totem pole is so cool! Looks like the are for kids is just as good for adults ;-)
jMo said…
The boats make for a great shot as well as the other hidden gems. It's always nice to have a photog pal.
NC Sue said…
Tanana Chief does look like it's "having some issues" but it did make a wonderful photo!
Thanks for joining the linkup at
Molly said…
Love the Bear, that is very cool