Last Kodiak post for now

This hike was actually on my second day in Kodiak. As before, I had an excellent tour guide with Robin. It sure is a beautiful Island. I was very lucky with the weather being as beautiful as it was. It's well known for its rainy days.
This is a photo of the airport.. One of the only two ways to get here, air or sea.
 The boat harbor where the pictures from the previous post were taken.
 Downtown Kodiak. It's small but it's a really neat place to check out.
 I believe Robin says the island gets about 18% of its power from these turbines.
 This was actually taken in the boat harbor with the turbines in the background. Gives you an idea on how huge they are.
I can't thank Robin enough for her hospitality. I feel she went well beyond what she needed to but I am so grateful she did. The reception from all the people I visited with sure made the trip all worth while and a whole lot of fun.
If you're thinking of going to Kodiak, visit Discover Kodiak. You won't be sorry.

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robin andrea said…
What a truly beautiful place. Your photos make me want to travel north.
Ruth Rieckehoff said…
I am sure the entire island is a neat place to check out. Your photos are great!