I had been reading on social media about owls being spotted and heard in my neighborhood. Some of the comments were pretty good and there were the typical rude ones. Of course you have the owl experts offering their often incorrect information. I've stopped trying to correct them because they always seem offended. No one likes being pointed out as wrong, especially when they're wrong.
 I awoke the other night about 3am to go make sure the plumbing was still working. Of course when I came back to bed I was wide awake. As I was laying there with all kinds of thoughts running through my head and listening to 7 beagles snoring, Ghost started hooting. Even though his mew is 50 feet from my house, I can hear him clearly through the thick log walls and windows.
 It made me wonder what he thinks. He turns 15 this year. In the wild he would have passed away several years ago. For his snowy owl age he's still very active, vocal and healthy. Though he lives in Alaska, he's not living in a part he would normally be in this time of year. So his calls for a mate go unanswered.
 Back in October 2005, I assisted our then Director of Avian Care, Cindy, in examining a snowy owl with a broken wing. He was in his first year and still showed some of his immature colorization. Story short, his wing didn't heal properly and he became one of the Bird Treatment and Learning Centers Education Ambassadors.
Ghost and I and some of the other presenters have done hundreds of education presentations over lots of Alaska seeing thousands of people. He has helped educate them on what's in our backyard that they don't get to see all too often or not at all. We've recently been doing it on Zoom.
 In years past I've done presentations with great horned owls, great gray owls and bald eagles. The last bald eagle I presented was named Hal and he was an Exxon Valdez survivor. He's been gone a couple years nows.
I walk my dogs around the neighborhood most days. There has been an eagle soaring above searching for his latest meal. I like to think that it's Hal checking in on me.
 My house has become quite the home in the past 5 years I've lived here. I have good neighbors that tolerate some of the different noises and sights that they hear and see.
 There are presently 7 beagles living here. That's why it's unofficially called the Beagle Ranch. They all have their stories. Some good and some not so good.
I enjoy making their lives as enjoyable now as much as possible. That includes blueberry pancakes for breakfast some days. Today it a rainy spring day, so all of them are taking long naps.
 I've traveled over lots of Alaska and plan on doing it a lot more. This is an exciting state to be in and there's always a new adventure around the corner. Even though I've been to the end of the road, there are many more to see what's down them. BTW, all national parks are closed this year. Most Alaska State Parks are open. Check this link for the latest updates
 I've traveled many places around the world in my life, but this is definitely where I call home. Times are tough now. This covid-19 hasn't been a cake walk for anyone. The states economy is a disaster. Tourism will be at it's lowest level ever. I'm afraid to see what and how many small businesses won't survive. My thoughts are with the people who are suffering the most. But Alaska will survive and  in time, bounce back stronger than ever.
This is how I use to greet a friend where I use to work at. I'd ask her "How you doin'"? So the question to you is "How you doin'"?


Diane said…
Doing fine! It is rare that I can say “I took that picture “, I was at the end of the road with you and what a wild ride that was! Beautiful scenery, wild animals and various weather conditions from sun and warm to snow!
robin andrea said…
We're doing okay here. We try to walk three miles a day and keep as sane as we can. I feel bad for small businesses too. I'm hoping things will calm down so they can reopen soon. Such a difficult time. I love that Ghost has been with you all these years. He doesn't know how lucky he has been. I remember Hal! Take care there and stay well... you and your feathered and furry friends too!
I'm trying to get over my cough. I keep worrying, Is it the coronavirus? I think, Is it getting worse? I want to do something, anything other than think about my cough.

Love the birds. Love your tribute to your home.
NCSue said…
We've been hoping an own would come nest in our area, but so far no signs of that. I love all birds of prey. We do have a nesting pair of hawks, and enjoy watching them.
Thanks for sharing at
Diane - It was an awesome trip for sure.

Robin - It's tuff staying sane during these times for sure. Our governor started a plan to slowly reopen the state. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm the lucky one that Ghost has been with me all this time. You and Roger stay safe!

Deb - Get feeling better and stay safe!

Sue - Birds of prey are my favorite but all birds get my attention. On a clear day I'll sit on my deck and observe the bird feeders. On not so clear days I'll watch from my dining room.

Thanks for visiting!
Diana said…
I’m fine, thanks for asking. :)
We don't have so many friends with fur and feathers (just a cat for now), not so much space outside but it's almost ok.
I love your Ghost! Is so sweet! (I like the owls generally).
All the best from Romania. :)
Diane - Romania is a country I've always wanted to visit. Thanks for stopping by.
Fun60 said…
Hey, throw a pancake my way. Yummy. I would love to visit your part of the world one day. At the moment that seems to be a long time coming.
betty-NZ said…
I'm doing well in New Zealand, looks like we are slowly being let back out into the world.
It seems you are keeping busy. It made me a bit sad when you said Ghost's call for a mate go unanswered :( but otherwise, I'm sure he quite content!

It's delightful to see you over at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
Veronica Lee said…
We're good. Our Prime Minister has just announced that our lockdown is extended for another 2 weeks. Today is Day 36!

I love your photos of Ghost!
Fun60 - Come on up. We'll be here.

Betty-NZ - It is unfortunate that he doesn't find a mate. They aren't monogamous, so it's a yearly process. Glad all is well in NZ.

Veronica - Our governor is opening up a little bit at a time. I hope it's a right decision.

Thank you for visiting!